Mahadev Madhav Nidhi Charitable Trust

Registered Office: 4/8, Saket Block, Mandawali Fazalpur, Delhi - 110 092

Donate to poorer is worship of God as per Hindu Religion
Using the form below, please make your generous contribution toward the development efforts of Poorer donation to Mahadev Madhav Nidhi Charitable Trust.
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Methods of Payment
Donate by check
If you would like to make a donation by personal cheque, please fill out the name of "Mahadev Madhav Nidhi Charitable Trust, Payable at Delhi and mail to the address "Mahadev Madhav Nidhi Charitable Trust, 4/8 Saket Block, Mandawali, Delhi-110092 India.
Donate stocks
You can donate your stocks to support our efforts. Please contact Sunil Kumar Singh, a President of the MMNCT Board of Directors, to discuss how. you can be reached at or +911122474444.
Donate by electronic funds
Make a one time donation or setup recurring donation to electronically transfer funds from your bank account to MMNCT. Add payee as "Mahadev Madhav Nidhi Charitable Trust, ICICI Bank A/c No. 003701064041 Branch Vasant Vihar, Delhi.
General Unrestricted Fund

Supports all of work.

Anti Corruption Fund

Helps fight corruption. For example, this fund facilitates proper implementation of India's Right to Information Act, that increases transparency in governance and exposes corruption in government-run Rural Employment Guarantee programs.

Jeevansathi Fund

Jeevansathis are highly motivated individuals who volunteered for MMNCT in the India, and were inspired to give up their professional careers so that they can focus their full energies guiding the work of MMNCT and partner organizations. They spend considerable time in villages initiating projects and collaborations, and strengthening human rights campaigns.

Relief to Accident Fund

We often seen that at the time of accident no anybody is prepare to helf at once due to lack of time and fearness of of Police. Our target is save everyone life from this.

All India Relief Fund

Provides for relief, rehabilitation and mitigation of impact, during and after natural and man-made disasters such as floods, earthquakes, cyclones, drought, riots, industrial accidents, and gross negligence that results in large-scale displacement without rehabilitation and suffering of people.

AID Corpus Fund

The interest of the fund will be used to support core activities of MMNCT while the principal accrues. This fund that builds slowly, provides longterm stability to the organization.

Donate in Rupees in India
If you are in India and wish to donate (or wish to donate in Indian Rupees), please make your check payable to Mahadev Madhav Nidhi Charitable Trust payable in India and mail it to MMNCT-India 4/8, Saket Block,Mandawali, Delhi - 110092 India, Phone: (011) 22474444 subject to donations are 50% deductible under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act

Mahadev Madhav Nidhi Charitable Trust is Registered with Registration No. 360/08-09 Under Charitable trust Act, Registration No. DEL-MR21416-02082011 493 under Section 12A & 12AA of the Income Tax Act, Registration No. DEL-ME22929-02082011 878 Under Section 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act, PAN:AAAAM8950E TIN:DELM19251B