Under their CSR programme Vertex Vet Care Limited, Delhi provided support for a 3 day mobility camp in Delhi to provide assistive devices to the physically handicapped and thus make them mobile.
It is the first project of its kind to be implemented under the Public-Private partnership model where the dynamic District Collector mobilized Corporations, Industry, Markets and the local community to pool in half the project costs.

Mahadev Madhav Nidhi Charitable trust has over the years gained expertise and experience in post disaster rehabilitation projects.
Immediately after the massive Gujarat earthquake of 2001 the trust had co-ordinated massive relief supplies to the affected regions jointly in association with the German Government.
  India, at present, is to a large extent self-sufficient in terms of foodgrains stocks. However, it is a very anomalous situation because in spite of availability of food nearly 40% of the children in this country are malnourished. The primary reason for this is lack of purchasing power due to dire poverty. Millions of children go to bed hungry or at best half fed because their ....          
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