The Palitana Mobility Camp would be one of the largest of its kind in the world (Details under Mobility Projects)  
In association with Lions Club two camps for the physically handicapped are being organized in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai during September-October 2009
In association with the Education department of the Government of Gujarat the trust has been organizing camps for the rehabilitation of physically handicapped and hearing impaired school and out of school children in the 6 to 18 years age group in the state for the last 3 years. This scheme is now being extended to the state of Assam where hardly any work has been done till now. Camps there are expected to start from October 2009 onwards.
Mahendra Mehta and Asha Mehta-trustees of Mahadev Madhav Nidhi Charitable Trust are being honoured by Rubin Museum New York for the work that they do
International Hindu committe, USA and Hindu-Federation of Indian Associations in North America have also honoured Sunil Kumar Singh-Trustee for his humanitarian work
Two projects are under implementation in Mumbai with Rotary Clubs-one for special wheelchairs for the elderly and another for distribution of specially designed tricycles for vocational training of disabled youth
The trust had initiated a project for two engineering students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA to come to India on a one month trip to study and recommend designs for special purpose tricycles and wheelchairs for small business training of youth to make them economically self-sufficient. Their final report is under preparation.
The Chief Minister of Gujarat has also conferred a Sanman Patra on Asha Mehta-Trustee for her humanitarian work  
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